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JIMENEZ-ARIZA, T., CORREA, E.C., DIEZMA, B., SILVEIRA, A.C., ZÓCALO, P., ARRANZ, F.J., MOYA, A., GARRIDO-IZARD, M., BARREIRO, P., RUIZ-ALTISENT, M. 2013. The phase space as a new representation of the dynamical behaviour of temperature and enthalpy in a reefer monitored with a multidistributed sensors network.

Sensors. En prensa.

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New Disease Report (27):12

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Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture. En prensa.

HINOJOSA, A., SILVEIRA GÓMEZ, A.C., OSPINA, M.; CHAR, C., ESCALONA, V.H. 2013. Safety of ready to eat watercress using treated environmentally friendly sanitizers.

Journal of Food Quality  36 (1): 66-76

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Food Science and Technology International. En prensa.

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Lebensmittel-Wissenschaft Und-Technologie-Food Science and Technology. Vol. 50 (1), p. 343 - 348.

CHAR, C., SILVEIRA A.C., INESTROZA-LIZARDOA C., HINOJOSA A., MACHUCA A., ESCALONA V.H. 2012. Effect of noble gas-enriched atmospheres on the overall quality of ready-to-eat arugula salads.

Postharvest Biology and Technology. Vol. (73), p. 50 - 55.

TONETTO DE FREITAS, S., PEREIRA, I., SILVEIRA, A.C., BRACKMANN, A., NICOLOSO, F., BISOGNIN, D. 2012 Quality of potato tubers produced during autumn and spring and stored at different temperatures.

Horticultura Brasileira. Vol. 30, p. 91 - 98.

Zaccari, Fernanda; Galietta, Giovanni; Soto, Beatriz, Las, Roxana. 2012. Color y contenido de beta-carotenos en boniatos, crudos y cocidos, durante su almacenamiento en Uruguay.

AGROCIENCIA, vol.16, Nº 1: 24-32.

Garcia M., Rocha B., Gallo A., Galvan G., Borges A., Zaccari F. 2012. Comportamiento agronómico y calidad de poblaciones locales de zanahoria en el Sur del Uruguay.

Agrociencia (Uruguay) 16(1): 86 - 96

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INNOTEC (7):31 - 37.

AGUAYO, E., DÍAZ-GARCÍA, R., SILVEIRA, A.C., TARAZONA, M., ESCALONA, V. 2012. Agentes químicos emergentes para el control microbiológico de brotes de Tatsoi mínimamente procesado.

Agrociencia (Uruguay).Vol. 16 (1) p. 59 - 67.

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Food Control. Vol. 21 (6), p. 863 - 871.


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