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Mishra P.,. Cordella C.B.Y, Rutledge D.N., Barreiro P., Roger J.M., Diezma B. (2016) Application of independent components analysis with the JADE algorithm and NIR hyperspectral imaging for revealing food adulteration

Journal of Food Engineering 168 (2016) 7–15

Ghosh S; Cuadrado TR; Diezma B, Lleó L, Barreiro P, Lacarra TG, Roger JM (2015). VIS/NIR spectral signature of Reference Peanut powder samples for Food ingredient Discrimination.

Agricultural Engineering International: CIGR Journal.

De La Cruz S; Cubillos-Zapata C; López-Calleja I; Ghosh S; Alcocer, M; Alonso I; Martín R; García T. (2015). Isolation of recombinant antibody fragments (scFv) by phage display technology for detection of almond allergens in food products.

Food Control, 54 (2015) 322-330.

H.M. Salem; C. Valero; M.A. Muñoz García; M. Gil Rodríguez. L. Silva. (2015). Short-term effects of four tillage practices on soil physical properties, soil water potential, and maize yield.


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"Precision Agriculture", v. 16 (n. 82); pp. 1-17. ISSN 1385-2256.

Salem, H M.; Valero Ubierna, C; Muñoz García, MA y Gil Rodríguez, M (2015). Effect of integrated reservoir tillage for in-situ rainwater harvesting and other tillage practices on soil physical properties.

"Soil & Tillage Research", v. 151 ; pp. 50-60. ISSN 0167-1987.

Mishra, T.P.; Herrero Langreo, A; Barreiro Elorza, P; Roger, J-M; Diezma Iglesias, B; Gorretta, N y Lleó García, L (2015). Detection and quantification of peanut traces in wheat flour by near infrared hyperspectral imaging spectroscopy using principal-component analysis.

"Journal of Near Infrared Spectroscopy", v. 23 (n. 1); pp. 15-22. ISSN 0967-0335. Item availablity restricted.

Melado Herreros, A; Fernandez Valle, M. E y Barreiro Elorza, P (2015). Non-Destructive Global and Localized 2D T1/T2 NMR Relaxometry to Resolve Microstructure in Apples Affected by Watercore. "

Food and Bioprocess Technology", v. 8 (n. 1); pp. 88-99. ISSN 1935-5149. Item availablity restricted.

Mishra, P; Herrero Langreo, A; Barreiro Elorza, P; Roger, J-M; Diezma Iglesias, B; Gorretta, N y Lleó García, L (2015). Hyperspectral to multispectral imaging for detection of tree nuts and peanut traces in wheat flour

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A.  Melado Herreros; P.  Barreiro Elorza;   M.E. Fernández-Valle. (2014). Non-Destructive Global and Localized 2D T1/T2 NMR Relaxometry to Resolve Microstructure in Apples Affected by Watercore

Food And Bioprocess Technology

M.A.  Muñoz Garcia; A. Melado Herreros; J. L. Balenzategui ; (2014). Low-cost irradiance sensors for irradiation assessments inside tree canopies

SOLAR ENERGY 10.1016/j.solener.2014.01.027

S. Ghosh; R.  Chakraborty ; S. Majumdar ; U.  Raychaudhuri . (2014). Identification of Ultraviolet radiation induced Gallic acid and Caffeic acid formation in Palm juice (Borassus flabellifer) by HPLC & Mass Spectra Technique.

Journal of Food Measurement and Characterization

M.A. Muñoz Garcia; T. He; S. Yang; H-Y. Zhang; Z. Chang-Ming; Y-C. Zhang; P. Xu. (2014). High-Power High-Efficiency Laser Power Transmission at 100m Using Optimized Multi-Cell GaAs Converter

Chinese Physics Letters

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S. Ghosh ;  R Chakraborty ; U. Raychaudhuri . (2014). Determination of pH dependent antioxidant activity of Palm (Borassus flabellifer) Polyphenol compounds by Photoluminol and DPPH methods -A Comparison redox-reaction Sensitivity

3 Biotech


A. Melado Herreros; P. Barreiro Elorza; E. Herremans ; T.  Thijs Defraeye;  B. Verlinden ; M. Hertog ; P. Verboven ; J. Val ; M.E.  Fernandez-Valle; E. Bongaers ; P. Estrade ; M. Wevers ; B.M. Nicolai. (2014). Comparison of X-ray CT and MRI of watercore disorder of different apple cultivars


J.I.  Robla Villalba; L. Ruiz Garcia; HT. Jimenez Ariza; P. Barreiro Elorza; R. Badía-Melis.  (2014). Assessing the dynamic behavior of WSN motes and RFID semi-passive tags for temperature monitoring


E.C.  Correa Hernando; H.T. Jimenez Ariza; P. Barreiro Elorza; B. Diezma Iglesias; M. Ruiz Altisent; V.  Diaz Barcos; F.J. Arranz Saiz; R.Oteros; C. Echeverri . (2014). Advanced Characterisation of a Coffee Fermenting Tank by Multi-distributed Wireless Sensors: Spatial Interpolation and Phase Space Graphs


M. Garrido Izard; C. Valero Ubierna; M. Perez-Ruiz;  C.J. Gliever;  D. Hanson; D. C. Slaughter. (2014). Active Optical Sensors for Tree Stem Detection and Classification in Nurseries


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PHYSICAL REVIEW E10.1103/PhysRevE.87.020103

A. Melado Herreros;  M. A. Muñoz Garcia; P. Barreiro Elorza; A.  Blanco; J. Val; M. E. Fernández Valle.  (2013).  Assessment of watercore development in apples with MRI: Effect offruit location in the canopy

Postharvest Biology And Technology

 C. Valero Ubierna; D. Andújar; V. Rueda-Ayala; H. Moreno; J. R. Rosell-polo ; A.  Escola; R. Gerhards; C. Fernandez-Quintanilla. J. Dorado; H. Griepentrog.  (2013). Discriminating Crop, Weeds and Soil Surface with a Terrestrial LIDAR Sensor



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H. Salem Mohamed.  C. Valero Ubierna. M. A. Muñoz Garcia. M. Gil Rodriguez; P. Barreiro Elorza. (2013). Effect of reservoir tillage on rainwater harvesting and soil erosion control under a developed rainfall simulator



C. Mejia Monasterio. (2013). Ergodic least-squares estimators of the generalized diffusion coefficient for fractional Brownian motion

PHYSICAL REVIEW E10.1103/PhysRevE.87.030103

 A Blas Morente; P. Barreiro Elorza; Carlos Hernandez Diaz-Ambrona; Autor: G. S. Dias Da Costa; H.M. Griepentrog.  (2013). Even-sowing pattern strategies for a low-input agricultural system in forage maize

Agricultural Engineering International: CIGR Journal

B. Diezma Iglesias; L. Lleo Garcia; M. Ruiz Altisent; L. Lunadei; J-M. Roger;  A. Herrero-Langreo.  (2013). Examination of the quality of spinach leaves using hyperspectral imaging

POSTHARVEST BIOLOGY AND TECHNOLOGY. 10.1016/j.postharvbio.2013.04.017

C.  Mejía Monasterio; O. Benichou;  A. Bodrova; D. Chakraborty; P. Illien. A. Law; G. Oshanin; R. Voituriez . (2013). Geometry-Induced Superdiffusion in Driven Crowded Systems

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L. Lleo Garcia; B. Diezma Iglesias; M. Ruiz Altisent; J. M.Roger ;  (2013).  Monitoring spinach shelf-life with hyperspectral image through packaging films

JOURNAL OF FOOD ENGINEERING. 10.1016/j.jfoodeng.2013.06.005

O. Marin Gonzalez; M. A. Muñoz Garcia; B. Kuang;  M. Z. Quraishi; A. Mounem Mouazen; (2013). On-line measurement of soil properties without direct spectral response in near infrared spectral range

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